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Shark News

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VIA – Earthjustice~

MORE PROTECTIONS, NOT LESS: Many states like California and Hawaii have enacted laws banning trade in shark fins. But rather than applaud those efforts, the National Marine Fisheries Service is attempting to override state protections and we need your help!

We’re asking everyone to tell NMFS that state laws protecting sharks are consistent with federal law and should be respected. In many instances, the state laws are even stronger than federal standards. And that’s what endangered sharks need – MORE protection, NOT less.

Click SHARE or LIKE and remember to send a quick message to NMFS: TELL US>> Do you support the rights of states to pass stronger laws protecting sharks?

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Shark News

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If you like sharks, this is the community for you!


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Blue Shark – They don’t have any set habitat area that they continually return to. They have been known to move thousands of miles in the water in the span of very little time. In addition to looking for food i…

Hong Kong Government Takes Steps to Protect Sharks and Bluefin Tuna – The Pew Charitable Trusts

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lee kee seng – Joshua Reichert, executive vice president of The Pew Charitable Trusts, praised the release of new sustainable consumption guidelines for government and public sector employees in Hong Kong to not …

Sea Shepherd Deutschland :: Warum es für die Cove Guardians so wichtig ist, in Taiji zu sein

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Gabriele – Kommentar von Captain Paul Watson In den letzten Tagen gab es einige Stimmen, die einen Rückzug der Cove Guardians aus der Bucht von Taiji in Japan forderten. Die Ansichten, die hinter dieser Kampa…

Scared For Sharks

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Susan Campisi – Great white sharks off the coast of California are in big trouble. The number of adult great whites swimming off our Pacific Coast is alarming low, and they are losing their pups to deadly gillnets…

Protest – Australia: Koalas cry for help – Rainforest Rescue

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Victoria – Every day enormous automatic harvesters are cutting down roughly thousand eucalyptus trees in Australia. Within seconds each tree is cut down, trimmed and then piled up. Botanic variety cannot be f…


Yes, I do commit so called breach of the peace when i see #Shark #fin #soup ordered in a restaurant & always will! #SavetheSharks (@VidarOceans) July 16, 2013 One day, Humankind will learn that of all the animals in the World we were the destroyers of our one & only Planet! What Intelligence.

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  • テキサス親父、シーシェパードに宣戦布告!

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  • Operation Relentless – Sea Shepherd’s 10th Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign

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  • Shark Fin Soup, Agony in a Bowl

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  • Sharkwater Trailer – HD

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Sea Turns Red With Blood As Whales Are Butchered To Death In Japan (PICTURES)

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Vivid Ricky – Shocking new undercover images have shown the distressing moment a pod of Pilot Whales were slaughtered in a cove in Japan. Trapped with no escape, the helpless creatures are pictured clinging clos…

BBC News – Shark fin banned at official Hong Kong functions

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Paul Brown – Hong Kong’s government has announced it will stop serving shark fin and bluefin tuna at official functions, in a move lauded by conservation groups. In a statement, it said it would also encourage …

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