Help put an end to #sharkfinning in New Zealand waters.

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Cutting fins off live sharks is already illegal in NZ but the senseless and wasteful practice of killing sharks just for their fins and then dumping their bodies back in the sea is not. 

New Zealand needs to join close to 100 countries and states around the world (including Australia, the EU and US) that have already banned shark finning. 

On the 10th November the NZ Government released a proposal that would see shark finning made illegal within three years. This is a step in the right direction and shows how public pressure is working – but at this stage it’s just a proposal, and even if it’s adopted sharks could still be finned and dumped in NZ until 2016. 

Use this form to make an official submission and tell the Government you support the ban on shark finning in NZ waters, that it must follow best international standards* and that you want it implemented right away. 

*The Convention on Migratory Species advises that legislation should require sharks be brought ashore whole, with their fins still naturally attached.The Shark Action Plan (PDF)MPI Factsheet (PDF)
All submissions must be received by MPI by Sunday 8 December 2013 


Fisheries Management
Ministry for Primary Industries
P O Box 2526
Wellington 6140

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