Zooniverse – Whale FM.

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Welcome to the Whale Song Project.

You can help marine researchers understand what whales are saying. Listen to the large sound and find the small one that matches it best. Click ‘Help’ below for an interactive guide.



Did you know that Killer Whales (Orcas, which are actually the largest dolphin species) can talk to each other in quite sophisticated ways? Each family of Killer Whales has its own dialect and closely-related families share calls. We know this because biologists have begun to categorize the complex calls of Killer Whales and to try and understand what they mean.

Pilot Whales (again, actually a dolphin species) have dialects and calls similar to those of Killer Whales, but biologists have not categorized them. We have assembled recordings of both species, and we’re asking you to help us put their sounds into categories. We want you to help us understand what Whales are saying.

Listening for Whales

Whales and dolphins have very sophisticated hearing sensory organs and can produce loud sounds that they use for communication, orientation and foraging under water. We can listen to the sounds that whales and dolphins produce by putting microphones under water (so-called ‘hydrophones’).

 Zooniverse in Education.

Parents and kids can have a great time together interacting in a fun and educational way while engaging in real science. Zooniverse projects can be a compelling facilitated experience in a museum environment or as a stand-alone kiosk. If you’re interested in all things education about Zooniverse, then this is the right place to start. Check back periodically as we will be adding more and more education resources in the months ahead.

Vidar Oceanus‘s insight:

An Earth Science Institute World Project: Protecting the Oceans. Taking part in Science around the Planet. Any Zooniverse Site is a great site, A massive thanks to all that make the Zooniverse possible! 

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