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Alex Suber & The State of the Rockies



 Tracking GlaciersAlex Suber is a student at Colorado College and the State of the Rockies Videographer. Colorado College’s State of the Rockies Project was founded over a decade ago with the mission to research, report, and engage on environmental issues in the Rocky Mountain West. his summer Alex joined the expedition team on their journey from Colorado to British Columbia and also participated in ASC projects en route.
The view from Glacier National Park. Photo by Alex Suber.
From Alex:

This summer, my expedition team and I headed up north to experience some of the most clear effects of climate change – receding glaciers. We were headed to Glacier National Park, a place that in twenty years might not have a single glacier left. Glaciers that took tens of thousands of years to form are disappearing in mere decades there. These glaciers visually convey climate change in such powerful ways that I felt compelled to capture them all.

While preparing to journey to glacier country, I remembered a presentation by Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) at the State of the Rockies conference last spring. ASC offers the opportunity many explorers dream about – a purpose. I quickly went online to learn more about the projects they offered. It was just weeks before our team was set to head into the wilderness when I logged onto the website and, within minutes, found exactly what I was looking for: the repeat glacial photography initiative through Alpine of the Americas Project (AAP). 
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