Welcome to Captivity-Free

Welcome to Captivity-Free

30 #Dolphins stranding and incredibly saved! Extremely rare event!: http://t.co/7sm3muEkk4 via@youtube

— Vidar Oceanus (@VidarOceans) July 28, 2013

Did a killer whale doc just kill an industry? http://t.co/SqlmNO3gwZ

— Vidar Oceanus (@VidarOceans) July 31, 2013

Take Action: Make Zoos and Aquariums Clean Up Their Acts | Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Projecthttp://t.co/xa8ekjEMlk

— Vidar Oceanus (@VidarOceans) July 31, 2013

#BP #Shell & #Statoil investigated over suspected #oil price manipulation via @Telegraphhttp://t.co/rIbEHVb7ga Tax breaks, oh yes, surely!

— Vidar Oceanus (@VidarOceans) July 29, 2013

Vidar Oceanus – Google+ https://t.co/Y0qyhNGyvo #Orcas

— Vidar Oceanus (@VidarOceans) July 23, 2013

#Sculptures Help Rebuild Disappearing #Coral #Reefs http://t.co/FPkD0Ix7Lj

— Vidar Oceanus (@VidarOceans) July 22, 2013

#The #Cove ~ A Documentary Film (2009): http://t.co/xwAnL1NupK via @youtube I will fight for the#Dolphins until my last breath! #Activism

— Vidar Oceanus (@VidarOceans) July 22, 2013

Kiska the lone Killer Whale at Marineland, Canada on May 18th, 2013: http://t.co/252R7SP3cf via@youtube

— Vidar Oceanus (@VidarOceans) July 20, 2013

Puerto Ricans charged with trading endangered turtles |http://t.co/VfEi4w3n6e | FOX 34 News Lubbock, Texas http://t.co/rYp8a4RQrm

— Vidar Oceanus (@VidarOceans) July 20, 2013

Less than 5% of Marine Species Protected Under Endangered Species Act » http://t.co/zxt6RK0c2k via@sharethis

— Vidar Oceanus (@VidarOceans) July 18, 2013

Talking to Dolphins | Animal Superpowers

Dolphin saves a pregnant lady and men from a shark

Wild Dolphin “Asks” Divers to Help Free Itself from Hook



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